Seven musicians playing their instruments in a vintage-looking photograph.

About the band

The Hot Baked Goods was founded in October 2012 on a concrete staircase on the west side of Dolores Park by a small group of swing dancer friends. They worked up their chops playing for passing MUNI trains and rehearsing in the living room of Bay Area traditional jazz guru Clint Baker. Over time, the band moved their practice to a more central location in the park where friends came to dance, eat, and enjoy San Francisco culture. They played near the playground almost every Saturday for a year and a half. Children clapped, wiggled, and giggled, neighborhood parents asked them to play for their kid’s birthday parties; it was a joyous time.

The ‘Goods look forward to learning and growing as musicians, and friends, with each passing year. They’re endlessly grateful to their long-standing regular fans and new ones alike, and hope to see you at a dance or party soon!

Available for hire as a 4 to 7 piece band, The Hot Baked Goods play for a variety of events including weddings, corporate parties, dance events, and more. They travel nationally and internationally, spreading their love of jazz everywhere they go. Excitement, passion, and respect for the music continue to ignite them, like in their early days, so you can be sure they will bring hot energy to the stage whenever they perform. Be sure to check their Facebook page for their appearances at local Bay Area swing dances and beyond!